Simvivor 2 - Episode 27 - Grand Finale - Part 3

Debbie: …AMANDA!

Amanda: (gasps) No way…
Gemma: Yes! Get in! Well done babe!

Amanda: No…way….
Debbie: Yes way (laughs).

Amanda: Gemma…you fucking legend…
Gemma: Come here you; you deserve it.
Amanda: I can’t believe it…
Gemma: I told you you’d do it, congratulations Amanda.
Amanda: There’s got to be an error (laughs).
Gemma: You’re amazing Amanda, you really are.
Amanda: Oh my god.

Gemma: See you soon Amanda.
Amanda: )gasps) No! You can’t leave me here…

Debbie: So it’s official; Amanda is your winner, but we’ve got an amazing runner up to talk to first…
Amanda: (shouts) Can we get some more champagne for the winner please?
Debbie: Oh it’s gone to her head already (laughs).

Amanda: Winner? Me? No way…

Amanda: Wait until the girls in the salon hear about this (laughs).

Debbie: (laughs) Hear about this? Amanda they’ve probably voted for you; anyway, Gemma…you are such a worthy runner up, how are you feeling?
Gemma: On top of the world; I’m so glad I lost out to Amanda, she’s great.
Debbie: You did amazing though, you’ve been great to watch this year.
Gemma: Aww thank you Debbie.
Debbie: It’s very rare that you find people who are just genuinely nice and funny, and you fit that description really well.
Gemma: Aww don’t, you’ll set me off.
Debbie: How have the last few hours been for you?
Gemma: Mental torture (laughs).
Debbie: (laughs) How do you think Amanda feels, she’s been left on her own down there.
Gemma: (laughs) She’ll love it; she always said she liked her own company.
Debbie: She keeps demanding more Champagne actually…
Gemma: Her and James were such alcoholics.
Debbie: Oh gosh, James can’t remember half of his antics (laughs).
Gemma: He doesn’t believe me when I tell him what he’s done.

Debbie: It’s okay, we have it all on film, he’ll be able to watch it back (laughs).
Gemma: It’s worth it to play back as humiliation (laughs).
Debbie: You two…your friendship has been one of the sweetest friendships I’ve seen.
Gemma: Aww really?
Debbie: You’re both lovely; what makes him so special to you?
Gemma: He’s just got such amazing qualities about him; he likes to have fun, likes to mess around and I’m like that; he’s very young at heart like me too, he’s totally on my wave length.
Debbie: Is it love?
Gemma: No, we’re just friends.
Debbie: (sighs) Nothing else?
Gemma: I love him, but I don’t love him as an attraction thing.
Debbie: Okay then, I’ll let it go (laughs).
Gemma: What did he say?
Debbie: He’s going to propose tonight.
Gemma: (gasps) What?!
Debbie: I’m kidding (laughs). What was upsetting you that night when you cried with Toni and Amanda?
Gemma: I genuinely don’t know; I just burst into tears and I don’t know why.

Debbie: It seemed to come from nowhere.
Gemma: It did, I couldn’t understand it myself.
Debbie: How uncomfortable was it for you when we showed it at the awards?
Gemma: I could have killed you (laughs).
Debbie: (laughs) Sorry about that.
Gemma: You’ve shamed me so much this series; first with the school incident, then with that.
Debbie: Why was the school thing so private to you?
Gemma: I’m to macho to be bullied (laughs).
Debbie: Aww, was it a pride thing?
Gemma: Well it’s something I put in the past, so I hoped it would stay there.
Debbie: Ahh yeah, I can understand that. What’s been your personal highlight?
Gemma: Meeting everyone; everyone has been amazing.
Debbie: Any regrets?
Gemma: None, none whatsoever.
Debbie: Well Gemma, you’ve been an amazing runner up; thank you so much for taking part.
Gemma: No problem, I’ve enjoyed it so much.

Debbie: So, are we ready to meet our winner? Give it up for AMANDA!

Amanda: Oh look at you lot (laughs).

Debbie: Congratulations Amanda.
Amanda: Thank you so much Debbie.
Debbie: Come and sit here…

Debbie: Gosh, how amazing do you feel now?
Amanda: I can’t even describe it, I’m numb with joy (laughs).
Debbie: Did you expect to win?
Amanda: Not at all, I thought I’d be 4th out and then that’s it.
Debbie: 68% you got…
Amanda: I don’t understand, you all must be mad (laughs).
Debbie: You’ve been hilariously entertaining since the start of the series…
Amanda: Oh don’t be daft; I’ve just been me (laughs).
Debbie: And that’s you won, you were just fantastic to watch and everyone loved you.
Amanda: Aww thank you.
Debbie: What’s been the highlight of your journey?
Amanda: The friendships I made; Oscar, Rob, Toni, Gemma, James, Craig, everyone else…
Debbie: Out of all our contestants, I don’t think I ever saw you down about anything; were there any low points for you?
Amanda: Losing Oscar was hard, and for a short time I did think I’d feel down about it, but Rob helped me with that; people take it way too seriously, I was there to have fun and enjoy the time I had on the island, so even if I was left on my own for a week, I’d find a way to enjoy myself.
Debbie: That’s why you were so unique, you were there for fun and nothing was going to stop you.

Amanda: If I cried about things, or if I got angry, I’d look back and say “oh damn, I shouldn’t have done that”, I wanted no regrets and looking back, there weren’t any.
Debbie: That was lovely; now your “fun” times were some of the funniest pieces of Reality TV I’ve ever seen, It’s been difficult to pick out a favourite, but my personal favourite was when you fell in the bushes (laughs).
Amanda: (laughs) I got a scratch all down my arm because of that.
Debbie: It was so amazing, I was crying with laughter.
Amanda: (laughs) I can’t remember doing it, I remember the scratch though.
Debbie: You and Craig provided me with a lot of laughs too…
Amanda: Ah yes, he two timed me though, he deserves everything he gets.
Debbie: Do you know he and Danielle are an item now?
Amanda: She always goes after my left overs (laughs).
Debbie: (laughs) If you could sum up your experience in one word, what word would you use?
Amanda: Legendary (laughs).
Debbie: Oh I do like that (laughs).
Amanda: I enjoyed it so much.
Debbie: What’s next for you?
Amanda: Gonna get home, see what mess Chanelle’s created in my salon and then we’ll see what happens from there.
Debbie: Well Amanda, you have been one of my favourite Reality TV contestants ever; thank you so much for being a huge part of this series, you’re truly unforgettable.
Amanda: Aw thanks so much Debbie, thank you to everyone who voted for me, It means a lot.

Debbie: So, the curtains are about to fall on us for another year, but shall we take a look at what made Simvivor 2011 so spectacular?

Debbie: Well that’s it from us; thank you so much to everyone that tuned in; a personal thank you to the forum members who have discussed the series over the past three weeks – it’s been amazing and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Don’t forget your Reality TV doesn’t end here; Sim Brother’s starting soon, I’m hoping to get back home and put my feet up to watch it as it Launches. Thank you so much guys, you’ve all been amazing – Goodnight!