Satanism - Episode 3

Episode 3

Linda: My name is Linda; i live in a small town on the outskirts of the big city.
Peter: Why are you here?
Linda: I like it here.
Peter: What’s good about here?

Linda: The sun shines, the flowers gleam...
Peter: It’s not real...
Linda: This is my world, what do you know?
Peter: I know more about this than you know.
Linda: Oh yeah?

Peter: Escapism...this is your sanctuary.
Linda: It’s better than Church...
Peter: Of course it is, the Church is filled with people that tell you what to do, here, you make the rules.
Linda: Exactly.
Peter: I like it here...but it’s not the truth.
Linda: It is.
Peter: It’s not.

Linda: It is.
Peter: It’s not.
Voice: It’s not!

Linda: (gasps) What is...
Peter: The truth Linda, this is the truth.
Linda: No!

Linda: (screams) What the hell happened?!
Peter: It was your fear, you woke up.
Linda: Why is it there?
Peter: Fear is a weakness, contained inside of you to make you be afraid of something. It will be played on if you don’t control it.
Linda: How do i control it?
Peter: You tell it to stop. Only you have control over how you work.
Linda: (sighs) This isn’t what you told me...i can defeat this thing...

Peter: With your heart, you can defeat anything, your compassion, the spirit inside of you will defeat anything, but you, you can’t. Your mind, whilst not important, is too much of a threat.
Linda: If i go in and defeat it now...
Peter: You won’t, you’re too scared.
Linda: I’m not.
Peter: Not now, but as the demon feels your presence that fear will register inside of your brain, you will back off.
Linda: What now, what do i do?
Peter: You still don’t understand Linda; it’s not a question of “doing”, it’s a question of knowing.

Linda: I do know, there’s a demon that i need to cast out of my house.
Peter: There is a reason why you were chosen Linda; your family is the next target. It’s not attacking you; it’s attacking the people around you. Why can’t it attack you Linda, do you know?
Linda: Do you?
Peter: No, but you do.
Linda: Now you’re talking in riddles.
Peter: Just go home Linda, we’ll see each other tomorrow.

Marion: I hope Linda’s okay.
Ian: She will be, she’s under a lot of stress right now.
Marion: Yes, she’s always been special, very perceptive, it’s one of the reasons she’s done so well for herself. Anyway, i’ll get off now the kids are home.

Marion: (coughing)
Ian: Marion?

Marion: (coughs)
Ian: What is it?!
Marion: me (heaves)

Ian: Oh my god!

Linda: What’s going on?
Ian: I don’t know.
Linda: Mum, what is it?
Marion: (coughs) Help...
Linda: Get her outside.

Linda: Hold on mum...
Marion: (coughs) Linda...
Linda: Mum, what happened?

Marion: (coughing stops) I...i don’t know...something was strangling me.
Linda: Right, we’re coming to live with you again.
Ian: No, this is our house.

Linda: Forget the house Ian; my mum nearly got strangled then.
Ian: Well maybe if you’d have been here you would’ve stopped it earlier.
Linda: I am out almost every day trying to build up my strength to defeat this...thing...because you want to stay here. Let’s just leave, let’s just get the hell out of here.
Ian: No!

Linda: (sighs) Dear tried to choke the wrong person!

50 years before:

Catherine: If only you knew how much i loved you.
Ian: Love, what’s that?
Catherine: It’s a form of great passion for a person.
Ian: I love you.

Catherine: I’m so pleased we’re going to run away together, it’s going to be such good fun.
Ian: Yes, it is.

Catherine: We’re at a dead end.
Ian: Yes, we are.
Catherine: What’s going on honey?

Ian: This!

Catherine: (screams)
Ian: This, this is me Catherine...this is you love me?
Catherine: Death comes to us all...death comes to us all...


Linda: (gasps) Oh my gosh.

Linda: (sighs) What am i to do...

Linda: You think my husband murdered you. Answer me!

Voice: Death comes to us all!
Linda: Yes, but...
Voice: get out....
Linda: You’re nothing.
Voice: I’m you.
Linda: This is my...
Voice: GET OUT!
Linda: (screams)

Ian: Linda, where are you going?
Linda: Away!
Ian: What is it, what’s it said.

Ian: Linda, what did you dream?
Linda: You just don’t get it do you.
Ian: No, tell me.
Linda: Stay there on your own, maybe you’ll understand.

Linda: Peter, please help me.
Peter: Linda what is it, what’s happened?
Linda: The creature...i just had a nightmare about it...
Peter: Come inside.

Peter: What happened?
Linda: I saw a woman, her name was Catherine, she was with her husband...his name...
Peter: His name?
Linda: His name was Ian.
Peter: Oh...god...
Linda: He murdered her, that’s why the spirit i see has a hole in her stomach, he slaughtered her.

Peter: What did the creature say to you?
Linda: I went for a drink and it was watching TV, it said...”i am you”.
Peter: I am you...
Linda: Do you think you think Ian’s going to kill me?
Peter: These type of things...they try to trick you...
Linda: No Peter, something...
Peter: It’s trying to drive you insane...

Linda: It tried to kill my mum earlier...
Peter: Oh...
Linda: Tried choking her, it’s attacking everyone apart from me; it’s never hurt me directly.
Peter: It can’t hurt you physically...
Linda: Why?
Peter: Because...i don’t know Linda, i really don’t.
Linda: “I’m you”...what can that mean?
Peter: (sighs) I really don’t know.

Peter: You going to be okay?
Linda: Yes, can you come inside?
Peter: Of course.

Ian: Linda!
Linda: What’s the matter?

Ian: It’s Natalie, she’s gone.
Linda: Gone, what do you mean?
Ian: She’s not in her bed; the kids say they saw her walking down the street.
Linda: Have you called my mum?
Ian: Yes, she’s not seen her since this afternoon.
Peter: The police?
Ian: They’re on their way.

Linda: I know where she might be, Ian stay here and explain everything to the police, Peter, come with me.

Peter: So where is she?
Linda: She may be in a few places, it’s isn’t coincidence Peter, she’s been affected the most by all what’s happened.
Peter: What do you mean effected?
Linda: I saw her once...she was...talking to something...i can’t explain it...Gosh i know this sounds crazy...
Peter: It does, that’s why it makes sense.

Linda: Natalie, where are you?
Peter: She’s up there.

Linda: Wait down here...

Linda: here.

Linda: Natalie.
Natalie: (growls) Get away from me, you’re a filthy tramp, leave me alone.
Linda: (gasps) What’s happened to you?
Natalie: Get away!

Peter: Linda?!

Natalie: (gasps) Mummy!

Catherine: If only you knew how much i loved you.
Ian: Love, what’s that?
Catherine: It’s a form of great passion for a person.
Ian: I love you.

Catherine: I’m so pleased we’re going to run away together, it’s going to be such good fun.
Ian: Yes, it is.

Catherine: We’re at a dead end.
Ian: Yes, we are.
Catherine: What’s going on honey?

Ian: This!

Catherine: (screams)
Ian: This, this is me Catherine...this is you love me?
Catherine: Death comes to us all...death comes to us all...



Farmer: #Downtown, just listen to the music and the traffic in the city...
(noise is heard from the trees)
Farmer: What was that?!

Farmer: Who is it? If it's any of them little miscreants again you're dead.

Farmer: You?!

Little Girl: Please don't hurt me Mister. I was only playing hide and seek.
: You little bitch, i'll kill you!
Little Girl: No!

Farmer: Come back here!

Little Girl: (Screams)

Woman: My daughter was playing hide and seek around here, where is she?!
Farmer: Get away from me lady...
Woman: Where is my daughter?!

Child 1: Are you my Mummy?

Father Roudland: We should make this quick...
Karen: It will be, come on...

Karen: Right, let’s get this start. Father, will you stand in front of me...
Father Roudland: Yes.

Karen: “God’s peace on this land....”

Father Roudland
: What’s happening?
Karen: Shh! “You foul evil spirit! I come against y-“
Father Roudland: What is it?

Karen: Father! Help me! Father!!

Father Roudland: What can i do?!

Karen: (screams) Help me!

Children: Run! Run! Run! Run!

Karen: Father! No!

Ben: Nearly done now...

Ben: (gasps)
Little Girls: #Ring around a roses, a pocket full of poses, a tissue, a tissue we all fall down (laughter)
Ben: Hello?

Ben: (laughs) Okay Ben...this is stupid. It's the cold weather. Let it go now. I'll just shut my eyes and they'll all go away.

Ben: Oh my god!
Little Girls: Are you our Mummy?
Ben: What?

Little Girl 2: I want my Mummy. Where is she?
Ben: Look...this is silly
Little girls: I want my Mummy!

Ghost: Go away!
Ben: Ahh!

Voice: I

Peter: Linda, come on.
Linda: I’m you...i’m you...i’m you

Linda: ...she’s me!

Peter: You’re alright.
Linda: She’s me Peter...the demon is...latching onto me.
Peter: What are you talking about.
Linda: That woman...Catherine...was murdered, because of her spirit never left her body, she remained on the land. Driving people to commit murder, because that’s all she could ever think about.

Linda: She wanted to kill her husband, and all her thoughts were directed towards him murdering her, who is why the women are the ones that stick with her, and they’re murdered by men.
Peter:  I don’t understand Linda...
Natalie: Her spirit left a disturbance on the land, so any man that went on the land would commit what she had done to her, because she hated men, because her husband tried to kill her.
Linda:’ve seen the little girls haven’t you?

Natalie: Yes, they play with my dolls with me.
Linda: (sighs) Look, Natalie, you need to shut them out of your mind.
Peter: What’s going on?
Linda: Don’t you see, Catherine’s spirit could never leave the land, because she was driving herself insane with anger and rage because of what her husband did to her. So the acts of murder were committed, the children died for sneaking on the land, Karen died, but if the main purpose for their insanity hasn’t left, how can their spirits?

Peter: So, Catherine’s spirit hasn’t moved on, and because of her, neither as the other dead spirits.
Linda: Exactly, the reason why so many people died on that land was because the act of murder was already in the atmosphere, forced there, by Catherine’s spirit.
Peter: So why are you the only one to have seen it?
Linda: Because...because...

Natalie: There was a family moving into the house, because of the similarities between my daddy and Catherine’s husband, Catherine couldn’t actually kill him, because it would stop her anger and frustration, and she’d have to go to hell.
Linda: Natalie, please, you’ve got to stop; don’t let them speak through you.
Natalie: They’re not Mummy!
Linda: So...Catherine’s spirit recognised that...there was...
Peter: Something pure about you...something special...
Linda: I...i...
Natalie: So her spirit latched onto you, it made sure that it could drive you kill your husband.
Peter: Ah, so you’d die and become a spirit, and she’d stick around because it was actually you that committed the murder, not her.
Linda: Yes, that’s it.

Peter: How do you stop her?
Linda: I know how...
Natalie: By either taking your own life, as you die, her spirit won’t have time to remove itself from your side, or she’ll die with you...
Linda: Or removing the connection and killing Ian.
Peter: or Ian?
Linda: Yes...
Peter: What’s going to happen?

Linda: I’m going back to the house.
Peter: What are you going to do?
Linda: What’s right.

Linda: (sighs) It’s time to play.

Linda: I know you’re here. Show yourself!

Ian: How is Natalie Linda?

Linda: Ian, what are you doing here?
Ian: You told me to stay here remember? What are you that...blood?
Linda: Yes...i do...remember...
Ian: Is she okay, is she...alive?
Linda: Where’s Catherine?

Catherine: I’m here!
Linda: The mirror!

Linda: You sick, twisted, heartless bitch!
Catherine: Heartless, hardly...
Linda: Yes, heartless. That’s why you’re dead...that’s why you were murdered.
Catherine: Watch you’re...
Linda: Tone? Why, to deep is it, maybe you’d prefer it if Ian spoke to you.
Catherine: His presence is no longer wanted.

Linda: Let the children go...
Catherine: Which ones?
Linda: All of them, all the children you murdered.
Catherine: Me, i was murdered too.
Linda: You are not the victim in all of this.
Catherine: Yes i am.

Ian: Who are you talking to?
Linda: I’m speaking to Catherine.
Catherine: You cannot seriously think that this weak man has more of the right to live than you?
Linda: We all have a right to live...
Catherine: Wrong, those that kill others lose their rights...
Linda: What did happen to your Ian Catherine?

Catherine: Enough!
Linda: Did he move on, started a new life, was he caught for the murder of you?
Catherine: He died...
Linda: Oh...
Catherine: And now he’s back! He must pay for what he did to me.
Linda: (yawns) Me, me, me, me, me.

Catherine: How dare you!
Linda: It’s over!

Linda: Ian, leave please.
Ian: What?
Linda: I mean it, go.

Catherine: Can’t resist the temptation?
Linda: Temptation is nothing; i just don’t want him harmed...because it’s time to end our life.
Catherine: End...what?

Linda: Let’s set this house on fire first!
Catherine: (laughs) Do it!

Linda: There we go, nice and’ll just sit here...and count to 100.
Catherine: You won’t stay in here.

Linda: Ouch!

Catherine: (Screeches) Ahhhhhh! It’s...over...
Linda: (screams) Ouch! What are you doing!

Catherine: We’re detached...die alone.
Linda: I don’t think so.

Catherine: (screams) Help me!’ll pay for this, you’ll pay for it. I...i'm burning...

Linda: Rest in hell, you bitch.

Ian: Linda?! What the...

Linda: (screams)

Catherine: (screeches) It’s’s over...


Catherine: Us all....

Peter: Ian, where’s Linda?
Ian: Inside.
Peter: Linda?!
Ian: Where’s Natalie?
Peter: With Linda’s mum.

Linda: (screams and shouts) It’s over!

Ian: Linda!

Linda: It’s over Ian; everything’s going to be alright now...
Ian: I love you so much.

Linda: (sighs) Peter...thank you.
Peter: It’s good to see you’re alive.

Ian: What was it?
Peter: It was a form of...erm...a form...of...
Linda: Satanism.
Peter: Yes.

Linda: As the home i once loved so much burned to the ground, i began to realise that everything i had, everything that stayed with me, was something that i really needed. Have you ever woken up in the morning and been so happy that you just smile? Have you ever walked to the shop and just breathed in the fresh air, because everything was going so right. No, me neither, but i will still dream of that day, because believe me, staring death in the face makes you believe in changes, makes you believe in love; makes you want to grab what you have and run for the hills...

Linda: I may be crazy, but i have some sympathy for Catherine, she started off with such a high hopes for her life and it was cut short by an unknown force of evil. This...chapter showed me that, if you really want to, you can changes things...and things did change...from this day on...everything changed.

The End!