Satanism - Episode 2

Episode 2

Some Time Ago...

Father Roudland: We should make this quick...
Karen: It will be, come on...

Karen: Right, let’s get this start. Father, will you stand in front of me...
Father Roudland: Yes.

Karen: “God’s peace on this land....”

Father Roudland
: What’s happening?
Karen: Shh! “You foul evil spirit! I come against y-“
Father Roudland: What is it?

Karen: Father! Help me! Father!!

Father Roudland: What can i do?!

Karen: (screams) Help me!

Children: Run! Run! Run! Run!

Karen: Father! No!

Present Day:

Father Roudland: Please...God...forgive me!

Linda: Come on Natalie eat your cereal.
Natalie: I’m not hungry, take your food somewhere else.
Linda: What?! When did you start to talk so...

Linda: Never mind, go upstairs with your brothers.

Linda: (sighs)
Marion: Don’t beat yourself up Linda, it’s a hard time for them as well.
Linda: I think it’s affecting them more than i think.
Marion: Kids are sensitive; they always seem to know things...
Linda: I don’t know mum...

Linda: I know their behaviour is getting more bizarre...especially Natalie’s. She’s always been the clever one out of the kids...
Marion: We’re talking about the cereal right?
Linda: There’s more stuff...just the way she looks at me, i can’t believe it’s feels...something is different.
Marion: Why not have a Doctor check her out?
Linda: And tell them what? Help, my daughter may be possessed.
Marion: Possessed?! Dear, don’t you think you’re over-reacting a little? Everything about her behaviour is understandable. She knows something is up, the possibility of her “world” being haunted by something supernatural is making her act does a child process something like that?
Linda: I don’t know, it’s been getting to me as well...
Marion: Linda, you’ve seen something, something completely out of this world it’s very understandable you’d be shaken.

Linda: Seeing a ghostly figure through the mirror makes me feel pretty crazy.
Marion: I’d be surprised if it didn’t, it’s not right...something...strange...
Linda: I still think there could be something wrong with Natalie...

Linda: Something that she’s hiding from me...

Marion: Linda you should let this think get under your skin, ignore it, it’s weaker than you. You’re a strong person.
Linda: I’m not strong enough for this...
Marion: Why is it that you’re the only person who can see the damn thing? Ian couldn’t...don’t you think that’s coincidence?
Linda: I don’t know...i honestly don’t know.


Ian: Have you heard from the Vicar?
Linda: No, he said he would call today...
Ian: Well he’s probably been busy.
Linda: Did you ever wonder why it was us Ian?
Ian: What?

Linda: Did you ever wonder why we got haunted? Did we do something wrong?
Ian: Us? No, we didn’t! We’ve been great together Linda. What’s brought this on?
Linda: Oh nothing, just the fact that we’ve been getting haunted by god knows what...
Ian: Once the Vicar works his magic everything will be fine, you’ll see.

Next Morning.

Linda: Hello?
Father Roudland: Hello Linda, it’s Father Roudland here, i’ve finally managed to get time to come to your home today, how about we arrive there at about 7:30pm?
Linda: Yes, that should be fine. We’ll meet you there.

Linda: That was Father Roudland; he’s going to take a look at the house tonight.
Marion: That’s great news!
Linda: Yeah, here’s hoping everything goes right.

Father Roudland: Hello, Father Farker, i’m just calling to say that i may need to leave my town for a few days after tonight, would it be possible to get a stand-in for me?

That Night:

Father Roudland: Hello Linda, hello Ian.
Linda: Hello Father...
Father Roudland: Right, this could take some time, but we must enter the home and go to the centre of it.

Father Roudland: Right, all gather round and close your eyes, do not open them at all whilst i’m casting the demons away.
God’s peace in this house! How dare you, evil spirit of Satan, attack the innocent, how dare you attack children of God, this is not your ....

Voice: He’ll never love you, he’s got a dark secret, a secret which will tear you apart....he doesn’t care for you...

Father Roudland: Be gone!

(room falls silent)

Ian: Did it go?
Father Roudland: We’ll soon see!

Father Roudland: I said be gone! In the name of Jesus! Be gone!

(falls silent again)

Father Roudland: It’s gone!
Linda: How do you know?
Father Roudland: Because the second time is usually when the ghost attacks, but it hasn’t attacked anyone. It’s gone.

Ian: Thank you so much Father, how can we ever repay you?
Father Roudland: Don’t be silly, God’s work is my work, he would’ve done the same.
Linda: Was it God’s work to set his own cross on fire?
Father Roudland: That was done on purpose, to make the ghost show itself.
Ian: Exactly, i’m pleased Father, thanks so much, looks like we can move back in here soon then.
Father Roudland: Whenever is best for you; i hope that you’ll have no more problems.

Ian: Thank god we can move the family back in now.
Linda: That’s great; do you really think it’s gone?
Ian: Come on Linda, he’s the guy in touch with God; he knows more about it than we do.
Linda: I’m telling you Ian, that man didn’t know what he was doing, why did the cross set on fire? He commanded it out once, it set his cross on fire, what did he do the next time? The same thing, commanded it out. I don’t believe it’s gone.
Ian: Why are you being so difficult? We’ve got the house of our dreams here!
Linda: I know we have, but happens to be the home of Satan, so i think we should still move.
Ian: No Linda, we’re staying here and that’s final. I’ll go and pick up the kids, you stay here.

Linda: I know you’re still here...

Voice: This is my land, you have nothing here, and neither does your family...
Linda: I’m going to get rid of you, one way or another...

Linda: It’s still there i know it Mum...
Marion: Why haven’t you gone back to the Vicar?
Linda: Because i don’t think he knows what he’s doing, the cross he brought, it was supposed to protect you from “all things dark”, it was set on fire mum. Then suddenly everything is fine...
Marion: Why can’t Ian see through this?
Linda: I don’t know, besides i heard something when we were casting the demon away...
Marion: Oh?
Linda: It said “He’ll never love you, he’s got a dark secret, a secret which will tear you apart....he doesn’t care for you...”

Marion: I wouldn’t listen love, those types of things try and lie to you, it’s the Devil, and he lies to you to make you trust him.
Linda: I hope so.
Marion: Don’t you believe it for one minute, you and Ian are great together, just try and find a way to get on with your life.

Linda: What are you kids doing?
Natalie: Playing hide and seek, i can’t find anyone.
Linda: Try their bedrooms.
Natalie: Okay.

Linda: (gasps) What the hell is that?!

Children: #Ring around the roses, a pocket full of poses a tissue, a tissue...
Linda: What the...

Child 1: My Mummy says that you’re stupid.
Linda: What?
Child 1: (giggles)

(screams come from inside the house)

Linda: Natalie?!

Linda: What’s going on?!

Steven: She was just...she walked in and then she...just started
Linda: What happened?
Natalie: Nothing, i’m fine.
Andrew: No mum, she was talking to someone.
Linda: Talking to someone?

Natalie: How can i speak to someone?
Steven: Mum, i swear down.
Linda: Alright, go and make yourself useful, too.

Karen: Father?! Help me!
Father Roudland: I’m sorry Karen...

Woman: My daughter was playing hide and seek around here, where is she?!
Farmer: Get away from me lady...
Woman: Where is my daughter?!

Child 1: Are you my Mummy?

Linda: (gasps) Oh my god!

Child 1: My Mummy couldn’t find me, because the bad man killed me.
Linda: Your Mummy co...What?!

Linda: Wait...

Child 1: The bad man killed me, and the bad man will kill you.
Linda: Why don’t you leave me alone?
Child 1: The bad man killed me, and the bad man will kill you, is your husband a bad man?
Linda: Shut up! Shut up!

Voice: The bad man killed her, and the bad man is going to kill you, leave the house, or become a spirit.

Linda: Please! Please God save me from this, please do something! Save me from this hell that i’m living in!

Ian: Linda, what’s going on?
Linda: Why won’t he save us?! What did we do wrong?
Ian: Sshh, come on Linda, everything is fine.

Linda: No, everything is not fine! What the hell have you done?! Why are they asking if you’re bad?! Why do you want your family to stay here?! No, everything is not fine and it’s time you started facing up to it!

Ian: Where are you going?

Linda: Father Roudland? Open this door!

Vicar: Hello, who are you?
Linda: Where’s Father Roudland?!
Vicar: I’m afraid Father Roudland is away at the moment.
Linda: Away?! When did he go?
Vicar: Oh, a few days ago. Is there something wrong? Please, come inside.

Linda: Yes there is, your brilliant Father Roudland said he’d get rid of a demon from my house, but it’s still making my life a misery, where is he?!
Man: I told you Vicar, Father Roudland is a weak person...

Vicar: Oh, Peter, please...
Peter: My name is Peter Cunningham, i work at a Pentecostal Church; who are you?
Linda: My name is Linda Sinclair; i live in the small yellow home at the end of the street...
Peter: You said something about a demon?
Linda: Yes, we moved into our home a while ago, we’ve been experiencing something...something...
Peter: Dark? Sinister?

Linda: Yes, i’m frightened. My husband doesn’t know what to do, my kids are freaked out; please can one of you help me?
Peter: I will try and help you, but you must remember than in order to take on a demon like you’re describing you must have knowledge on it yourself; just walking into it could have severe consequences.
Linda: I’ll do anything!

Peter: I told you that Father Roudland wasn’t a great person for this street; do you even know where he is?
Vicar: No.
Peter: I warned you after all that stuff with Karen...
Linda: Karen? I had a dream about the Father and a woman...the woman was screaming for help...and he ran away and left her.

Peter: When did you dream this?
Linda: Tonight, i dream about a lot of things, it’s been worse this past few days.
Peter: Amazing, this is truly amazing, Vicar, i’ll pop by tomorrow to speak to you, i need to talk to you more in private...Linda?
Linda: Yes, my name is Linda.
Peter: Don’t worry; you’ll be fine, i promise...

To be continued.