Satanism - Episode 1

Episode 1


Farmer: #Downtown, just listen to the music and the traffic in the city...
(noise is heard from the trees)
Farmer: What was that?!

Farmer: Who is it? If it's any of them little miscreants again you're dead.

Farmer: You?!

Little Girl: Please don't hurt me Mister. I was only playing hide and seek.
: You little bitch, i'll kill you!
Little Girl: No!

Farmer: Come back here!

Little Girl: (Screams)


Ben: (phone rings) Hello? Yes darling, i've just finished the terrain for this couple. I know i'm late...i'll be back as soon as yeah? Okay, bye!

Ben: Nearly done now...

Ben: (gasps)
Little Girls: #Ring around a roses, a pocket full of poses, a tissue, a tissue we all fall down (laughter)
Ben: Hello?

Ben: (laughs) Okay Ben...this is stupid. It's the cold weather. Let it go now. I'll just shut my eyes and they'll all go away.

Ben: Oh my god!
Little Girls: Are you our Mummy?
Ben: What?

Little Girl 2: I want my Mummy. Where is she?
Ben: Look...this is silly
Little girls: I want my Mummy!

Ghost: Go away!
Ben: Ahh!

Linda: Well, the place will look good for the family.
Ian: It will. I'm hoping to get that kid to build some more rooms than originally.
Linda: Why?
Ian: Because i can't see Stephen wanting to share a room with Philip.
Linda: No, neither can I.
Ian: Half the time i wonder why we hire the kids to build the house.
Linda: It doesn't cost as much. Besides, Ben's a great builder.
Ian: Yeah, and so is Ant. He's our friend and he’s free; let’s ask him.
Linda: He's your brother; you just don't want to pay anything.
Ian: I know.

Ben: Mr and Mrs Sinclair!

Ian: What is it Ben?
Linda: Oh my god, are you okay?
Ben: Look...i-i can't do...t-the house...
Ian: What?!
Ben: I was...building...the rest of the terrain...when...i s-saw...something.
Linda: What was it?
Ben: It was...three....little girls...crying...and the trees...
Ian: Oh get away. I know what's happened here...drinking on the job.

Ben: What?! No...i saw something on that land...
Ian: You're fired. I don't want you near our new home again.
Ben: can't move on that land. You have k-kids...
Ian: (looks at Linda) My brother it is then.
Ben: No!
Ian: Goodbye!

Ben: That land is cursed!

Ian: What did i tell you? Kids! They always drink on the job.
Linda: Yeah...they do.

4 months later

Linda: Hey honey.

Ian: It's nearly done! Just this last bit to fill. Then we can move the kid’s things in.
Linda: Yeah, it looks amazing.
Ian: Well once we move in and have the kids here, it’ll feel like home.
Linda: I know it will. It already feels like home. Anyway, i'm going to go and pick up the kids from school and bring them here.
Ian: Okay, i'll of finished this by the time you come back.
Linda: Bye.

Linda: Did you have a nice day?
Stephen: Yeah it was good.
Linda: What did you learn?
Stephen: Erm...nothing.
Linda: Sometimes i really think that you don't want to learn anything
Stephen: Correct!
Linda: What about you Andrew?
Andrew: Erm...yeah, we did loads in English class.
Linda: So, how about we head back to our new house? That is...before we pick up your sister.
Andrew: Yeah!
Stephen: Can't wait! But can’t we leave Natalie with Grandma?
Linda: Don’t be silly. Come on then let’s go...

Voice: Are you my mummy?!
Ian: Oh hello love, you back?

Ian: Linda?

Ian: I could've sworn i heard...

10 Minutes Later...

Ian: Hey Linda, were you here before?
Linda: Before?
Ian: Yeah, i thought i heard you earlier...
Linda: Aww, was you missing us?
Ian: I...yeah, of course.

That night...

Linda: Mum wants to come up at the weekend.
Ian: Well that's great!
Linda: Are you even listening to me?
Ian: I'm sorry babe.
Linda: What's wrong? You've been acting strange since i got home.
Ian: (sighs) I don't know, i think i'm going crazy.
Linda: What's happened?
Ian: Do you know when i was doing the plants outside?
Linda: Yeah...
Ian: I...i could've sworn i heard...children. They were laughing and playing.
Linda: But you were inside when i came home?
Ian: Exactly, i came inside to greet you; but you weren’t around. I thought it was you and the kids.

Linda: Me?
Ian: Yes, you weren't there.
Linda: Children laughing?
Ian: Yes. That wasn't everything either...
Linda: More?
Ian: It...the house just went so cold all of a sudden. I felt...cold.
Linda: So, what are you saying?
Ian: I...i don’t know. There’s just... (sighs) it may just be me.
Linda: Just try and rest...

Next Day

Linda: Okay, Steven and Andrew are at Brian’s and Natalie and Philip are at your Mum’s so...i’ll go and get the groceries.
Ian: I’m gonna ring Mum to ask what she’s in on Friday, so i can drop the kids off.
Linda: Okay, have fun.

Ian: Trust me Mum; you'll see the house soon.

Ian: Mum I'll call you back.

Ian: Linda!

Linda: What? What is it?
Ian: The...the’s...running on its own...
Linda: Calm down, let me take a look.
Ian: Be careful!

Linda: What's gone on here then, water problem?

Linda: I wonder if the taps are working...

Linda: (screams)

Ian: What happened?!
Linda: Don’t let the kids go back in there, go to your Mother’s; i’m going to see the Vicar.

Linda: Hello Father Roudland.
Father Roudland: Hello there, what can i do for you?
Linda: Erm, it's a bit of a personal situation.
Father Roudland: Then please come and sit in my home.

Linda: There is something in my house Vicar, i need your help.
Father Roudland: Listen, there's not much i can do right now. I come by tomorrow and take a look for you.
Linda: Thank you Father. I really do appreciate it.

Father Roudland: May i have your address please?
Linda: Yes, it's 321 Crocker Street...
Father Roudland: Stop!
Linda: What?
Father Roudland: Did you say...Crocker Street? Where?
Linda: It's’s a new house, just been built. Why? Is there something wrong?
Father Roudland: ...
Linda: Father?
Father Roudland: I’ll have to get my books out, i’m sure it’s nothing to worry about, Linda, go home and be with your family. Remember, Jesus never once left a home that was is, if that is your home then you go back to it.

Linda: W-...What are you?
Voice: Get out!
Linda: No...This is my...

Voice: GET OUT!

Linda: Oh my god! (Phone rings)

Linda: Hello?
Father Roudland: Hello, Linda?
Linda: Yes?
Father Roudland: Listen, I’ve been searching through my files and I’ve come with a...well...I’ve found something.
Linda: Yes? What is it?
Father Roudland: Well, I’d rather tell you in person, but...please...if you’re at your home then get out of it now! Please just go and stay with a relative.
Linda: For God’s sake Father, just tell me what it is, i need to know.
Father Roudland: Well...i thought the land sounded i looked through my files and it turns out we’d had some problems in a field, which sounds like the land you built your home on.
Linda: Yes? What happened?
Father Roudland: Well, we had a female vicar then...
Linda: What happened?!
Father Roudland: She...(sighs) She was killed whilst trying to defeat the spirits.

Father Roudland: Linda? Linda?

To be continued...