Richer Than Rich

"Richer Than Rich is based on the wealthy Roth family of Riverblossom Hills. Morty has now increased his business and has become a very poweful asset in the business industry; Sandra Roth is enjoying being her "Daddy's girl" and is planning on running her own nightclub; Xander is about to leave High school and faces some very tough decisions. Whilst this lovely and idealistic family seem to be making the most of life on the outside; on the inside, there is trouble ahead. Morty plans to marry Cleo Shikibu, after his split from Stella, it's been difficult to find true love again. Whilst Morty loves Cleo and Cleo loves Morty; the rest of the family do not like Cleo; especially as Sandra believes that Cleo is after her Daddy's fortune. What's more; how will they react when they discover that their perfect image is set to be blasted by the return of Morty's scheming ex-wife; Stella."