Below is a compilation of advice given by some of the current SimTV writers on how to make a good quality SimTV show.


The Sims 2 Cheats

To open the dialogue box for entering cheats, simultaneously press “ctrl” + “shift” + “c”.

An essential cheat used for making SimTV shows is:


Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true




The main way this cheat is utilised is through “shift-clicking”: i.e. holding down the shift button on your keyboard and left-clicking on objects with your mouse.

To prevent motives decaying: shift-click on the mailbox and select [Make everyone happy] to maximise everyone’s motive bars. Shift click again on the mailbox, select [House... / Make motives static] to stop the motive bars decreasing.

Access NPC and career clothing: shift-click on your active Sim and select [Spawn / Tom’s Clothes Tester], and a clothing rail will appear. “Force redress” is a quick way to get your Sims back to wearing their everyday clothes.

Buy new clothing without leaving your lot: shift-click on your active Sim and select [Plan Outfit]. A catalogue of clothes will appear. Select the ones you wish to buy, click on “Add to Cart” and hit the tick.

Adding more than 8 Sims to a lot: shift-click on your active Sim and select [Spawn / Tombstone of L and D]. Create a new adult/child male/female, etc, or click [Add neighbour to family…] and select the name of your choice. (Beware: the latter option will remove said Sim from their previous family and lot]

Access career reward options: shift-click on a newspaper and select [Career Rewards…] and then the career with the career reward object you desire. The reward object will then be selectable in the “Rewards” section of your Sim’s UI.

Increase skills instantly: click and drag the skill points bar in the “Skills & Career” section of your Sim’s UI. Note: for this to work, you MUST enter the cheat code in the neighbourhood view.

Change needs instantly: similar, just click and drag the needs bars. Again, the cheat MUST be entered in the neighbourhood view


Other useful cheats:

boolprop snapobjectstogrid off

Allows free placement of objects, not bound by constraints of floor tiles


move_objects on

Allows more free placement of objects, and enables moving of Sims and otherwise non-movable objects

boolprop allow45degreeangleofrotation true

Allows objects to be placed at 45 degree angles.


Making the Sets

The View from the Window

Don’t keep your filming locations isolated in your neighbourhood, as the distant background will look bare when you look out of your windows, and this shows up in your images. Place some pre-existing lots around your sets; use community lots, pre-made Maxis houses or apartments. And because they’re just for show, they don’t need to be occupied or furnished!


Streets look far more realistic when their houses have trees and shrubbery thriving in their gardens. In addition, placing trees, bushes and fencing in your garden adds to the backdrop outside your windows. Use terrain paints conservatively (i.e. don’t over-do it); one great tip is to use the brown “mud” terrain paint around shrubs, trees and ponds.

Bigger is NOT Better

Don’t make rooms too big and overly spacious – they end up looking bare and so spread out that you don’t get much to look at in one snap of the camera. Keep rooms concise yet functional.


Taking Photographs

The best photographs are taken from different and unusual camera angles. “Cameraman mode” is an extremely useful tool for increasing the freedom of movement of the camera, and can lead to some interesting images.


Press “E” to raise camera elevation from the ground.

Press “Q” to lower camera elevation from the ground.

Use the “W”, “S”, “A” and “D” keys for easier navigation.

Press “X” to zoom out

Press “Z” to zoom in

Press “C” to take a snapshot.

Press “V” to take a video.

Save a camera angle by pressing “Ctrl” + “5” to “9”

Snap to a camera angle by pressing “5” to “9”


“Shift” + “A” tilts the camera anti-clockwise

“Shift” + “D” tilts the camera clockwise

“Shift” + “S” resets the camera’s tilt to normal